DeFi Technologies

Crypto Mining Solutions

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DeFiTech can help build mining farms of any size. DeFiTech has extensive experience and knowledge with over 6 years in Research & Development of Crypto Mining Systems and Infrastructures.

DeFi Technologies

Maze Miner - Mining Systems

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Maze Miner is a best in class range of Crypto Mining Systems built for performance and efficiency. Please visit for more details.

DeFi Technologies

XGEN Energy Network

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XGEN stands for Tokenized (x) Global Energy Network. XGEN source and matches energy supply and demand. XGEN helps crypto mining companies with sufficient and quality energy that is required for an uninterrupted mining operation. Besides, XGEN can offer Green Energy for sustainable Crypto Mining.

DeFi Technologies

Blockchain Software

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We can help you build and launch your own product or solve your business problems through an consultative approach.

Our Blockchain industry experience and established network reach can help you strategize your ICO or DeFi product idea to real world product or service from ground zero conceptualization, fund raising, to launch and implementing successfully.

Token/Coin Blockchain Development, Bespoke Software Integration, Wallet Development, Miner Hardware, Whitepaper, Liquidation & Swap Systems are a few services to mention. Talk to our DeFi Tech team to learn how your business can benefit through our technical solutions.

DeFi Digital

Branding, Mobile, Web, Marketing, and Social Media

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Technology is an essential part of everyone’s life. DeFi WorkInfinity is our initiative to focus on extensive range of Digital services to support businesses get started quickly to cut-down cost, gain more customers, and to make more profit.

Please visit for more details.

Mobile App
Cutting Edge Web & Mobile Apps

User Experience is the balance of Aesthetics & Functionality

Beside security, usability and functionality are the 2 most important aspects of Mobile Apps. It is most important that the app users appreciate the purpose of app while they really enjoy the user experience.

Our key advantage among peers is that we mastered balancing the delivery of best results through our years of knowledge in designing the User Experience (UX) strategies.

Apple iOS
Blockchain & DeFi Technologies

Software, Mobile Apps, Websites, and Consultation


Nano Services

Check Our Fixed Price Nano Services

Nano Services are quick and small tasks to support your business operations in day today basis. Check out our extensive and growing list of Nano Services.

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I liked working with these creative guys, who know everything about quality design, innovations, and usability. Thank you for your hard work, we are definitely coming back for more!

Ian Smith

Ian Smith


What a great way to start your own company, an agency or an online store! With these guys you will be able to implement all your ideas in real life, an app or a website. Thanks a lot!

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith

Project Manager

I had so much fun working with your technical specialists on my business project that we will be coming back soon for more productive ideas and designs! Highly recommend you to everyone.

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones

Web Developer
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